29thof August –20th of September 2020


George Enescu International Competition for Composition, Cello, Violin and Piano is open to participants of all nationalities, born after August 1st, 1987.

No exception to this age limit is accepted.

Deadline for applications – April15th, 2020.

Applications for all Competition sections will be submitted online on www.festivalenescu.ro/competition/apply.

By filling in and sending the Application Form each competitor agrees with all terms and conditions of the Competition Rules. The original Romanian version of these rules governs all interpretations.


The participation fee for the Composition Competition is 50 Euro/work applied.

The participation fee for Cello, Violin and Piano Competition is 100 Euro.

The participation fee will be paid in Euro, by bank transfer or PayPal.

Payment by bank transfer:

Account holder: ARTEXIM

ARTEXIM address: Calea Victoriei no.155, Bl.D1, sc.8, et.2, sector 1, 010073, Bucharest, Romania

Bank: Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR) Sector 1

Bank address: Calea Victoriei no. 155, sect.1, 010073, Bucharest, Romania

IBAN:  RO59RNCB0072049685010041



Payment by PayPal – all necessary information to be found on the site:


The proof of the payment of the participation fee should be provided once with the application online.

The participation fee will not be refunded in case of elimination after the preselection round, withdrawal or non-attendance at the Competition.



The competitors will travel at their own expenses. The organizers provide free hotel accommodation for the competitors while they are continuing to compete.

Rooms will be available one day before the drawing of lots associated to each Competition section.

Each competitor must register at the Competition Secretariat one day before the drawing of lots.


For the Composition section there will be no preselection.

For the Cello, Violin and Piano sections there will be organized preselection.

For the preselection round the Preselection Jury will meet and choose the competitors for the First Round of the Competition based on the video recordings sent by the candidates.

The Preselection will be held in Bucharest between May 1stand 15th, 2020.


For the Preselection, competitors will submit a video recording. The video recording for the preselection round does not have a fixed repertoire, it is at the competitor’s own choice. The recording has to be uncut, with a length of maximum 10 minutes (not be older than 1 year).

All details can be found on www.festivalenescu.ro/competition/apply.


The results will be announced on the site www.festivalenescu.ro/competition on May 21st 2020.

After announcing the results, competitors will receive the official letter of participation on behalf of the Competition Secretariat.


The drawing of lots will take place one day before the First Round of each competition section in the presence of a member of the Competition Board and will establish the competitor’s order of playing in the competition.

In case of an extreme situation, only the Competition Board is entitled to change the order of playing. If one or more competitors will not be present at the drawing of lots due to unexpected situations, they will be scheduled in alphabetical order in the last day of the First Round of each competition section.


The Jury’s activity is based on the Competition Rules which follows the instructions of the World Federation of International Music Competitions (WFIMC).

The Jury decides the prize winners of each Competition Section.

Any contact between the jury members and competitors still actively involved in the competition is forbidden.


For the Cello and Violin Competition, an official accompanist will be at the disposal of the competitors if such request is specified in their application form. In this case, for each round, every competitor is entitled to a free rehearsal session with the accompanist.

The competitor may ask for additional rehearsal time. Additional rehearsals will be mutually agreed with the Competition organizers and in charge of the competitor. One hour of additional rehearsal costs 50 Euro.

Competitors who bring their personal accompanist must state his/her full name and contact details (email address) in the application form. The travel and accommodation expenses of the personal accompanist are in competitor’s charge.



Each Competition section awards can be divisible.


The Composition section awards are:

Prize for symphonic music section – 10.000 Euro

Prize for chamber music section – 7.000 Euro

Prize for originality – 5.000 Euro


For each section – Cello, Violin and Piano awards are:

First prize – 15.000 Euro

Second prize – 10.000 Euro

Third prize – 5.000 Euro


For the Semifinal Rounds of the Cello and Violin sections, the Jury can offer the following prizes for the young accompanists:

A prize in amount of 4.000 euro for the best accompanist of the piano and cello Sonata no.2 in C major Op.26 by George Enescu

A prize in amount of 4.000 euro for the best accompanist of the piano and violin Sonatas by George Enescu


There will be prizes awarded by partners and sponsors.

Prizes may be cumulated.


The organizers will also offer prizes such as a concert during the George Enescu Festival and Competition (2020/2021) and concerts in the frame of the musical seasons of the Philharmonic Orchestras in Romania.


The organizers of the George Enescu International Competition reserve the copyrights for all TV and Radio broadcasting, photographs, filming and recording of all the performances within the rounds of the Competition, including the final concert. In this situation, the competitors will not receive any fees.

The awards will be announced after the Final Round of each Competition section.