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“Enescu’s Images” National Art Competition has announced its winners

Graphic designer ADRIANA POP (Cluj-Napoca) is the great winner of “Enescu’s Images” National Art Competition, with 131 established artists and 49 young artists among the participants.

The winning artwork is Suite No. 3 for Piano and it received the highest score, according to the opinions expressed by the jury consisting of six musicians: violinist Remus Azoiței – professor at the Royal Academy of Music, Gabriel Bebeșelea – conductor of Transylvania State Philharmonic, Cristian Lupeș – conductor and manager of the State Philharmonic Orchestra of Sibiu, Tiberiu Soare – conductor of the National Opera, pianist Josu de Solaun and violinist Alexandru Tomescu.

The jury graded 30 finalist artworks, selected from a total number of 180 that had been submitted and validated by a specialist committee consisting of Prof. Ioan Sbârciu, PhD, from the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca, Prof. Vică Adorian, PhD, from the Faculty of Art and Design in Timişoara, Prof. Eugen Al. Gustea, PhD, from the National University of Arts Bucharest.

In the Painting section, Established Artists category, the artwork that received the first prize was inspired by Suite No. 3 for Piano, as well, and is signed by TRAIAN TAMURIS (Brăila), and in the Young Talents category, the first prize was given to COSTEL CHIȚIMUȘ (Cluj-Napoca), for the painting Vox Maris.

In the Graphics section, Established Artists category, MARGARETA UDRESCU (Bucharest) won the first prize with Suite No. 3 for Piano, and in the Young Talents category, ANDREI Răzvan Neciu (Timișoara) ranked first with the artwork Sept Chansons de Clément Marot.

“I have watched all the rounds as organiser of the competition, and it was extraordinary to see the commitment and dedication of Romanian artists, triggered by Enescu’s music. It is proof of the power that our composer had, of his vision and his capacity of art promoter in general. I hope this competition will become a tradition and we can pair the entire body of work of the Romanian composer with contemporary interpretations by Romanian artists today. Expo Arte Cultural Centre supports and capitalises on visual art in all its forms, and the talent and creativity of Romanian artists, as well”, says Mihaela Păun, manager of Expo Arte Cultural Centre.

The theme of the national art competition, launched for the first time as an associated program of this edition of “George Enescu” International Festival, was the challenge of translating into a visual language one of six compositions by George Enescu proposed by the organisers. The artists could choose to be inspired by Impressions d’enfance, Sonata for Violin and Piano, “Vox Maris”, Orchestral Suite No. 3 – “Villageoise”, Suite No. 2 for Piano, Suite No. 3 for Piano and Sept Chansons de Clément Marot.

The most attractive compositions for the artists were Impressions d’enfance, with 53 artworks, and Vox Maris, represented in 52 artworks.

“I find it emblematic that visual artists have allowed themselves to be inspired by the Impressions d’enfance, composed by a mature Enescu revisiting his personal roots. I also find it interesting how Enescu’s works were translated into images and how we can thus compare various artists’ perceptions of the same compositions. I believe that the exhibition will be a very expressive one. Enescu had great passion and talent for drawing and painting, and this interdisciplinary dialogue contributes to preserving the memory of the artist and to the attempt to describe his amazing personality”, says Mihai Constantinescu, Director of “George Enescu” International Festival.

The competition was held between July and September this year. The prizes are 1,000 euro for the winner of the competition and 500 euro for the winners of each section. The winning artists will also have the chance to present their works in individual and collective exhibitions.

The 30 artists selected for the final round of the competition are: Beatrice Anghelache (Bucharest), Ionuț Theodor Barbu (Bucharest), Florin Bârză (Bucharest), Natalia Veronica Bica (Timișoara), Marijana Biţulescu (Bucharest), Otilia Măndescu Canavra (Bucharest), Violeta Carp (Bucharest), Costel Chițimuș (Cluj‑Napoca), Ionuț-Bogdan Craiu (Bucharest), Krisztina Struguraș-Fazakas (Cluj-Napoca), Botond Gagyi (Cluj-Napoca), Cornelia Gherlan (Bucharest), Mihai Guleș (Cluj-Napoca), Robert Lorincz (Cluj-Napoca), Laurențiu Midvichi (Bucharest), Marcel Muntean (Cluj-Napoca), Andrei Răzvan Neciu (Timișoara), Lisandru Neamțu (Bucharest), Laura Niculescu (Bucharest), Diana Morar Oancea (Bistrița), Adriana Pop (Cluj-Napoca), Camelia Rusu Sadovei (Suceava), Otilia Gruneantu Scriuba (Toronto, Canada), Mădălina Stan (Hunedoara), Teodor Ștefan (Bucharest), Diana Tăicuțu (Focșani), Traian Tamuris (Brăila), Margareta Irina Udrescu (Bucharest), Beti Vervega (Bucharest), and Florentina Voichi (Bucharest).

“Enescu’s Images” National Art Competition was launched by a partnership between the organiser of “George Enescu” International Festival (Artexim) and the Bucharest Municipality City Hall, through Expo Arte Cultural Centre, as one of the associated programs of the 2019 edition of the Festival; it was supported by the Fine Artists’ Union, the National University of Arts Bucharest, the National University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca and the West University of Timișoara, and implemented with the support of Contemporanii Cultural Project.


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