1. PHOTOGRAPHING concerts at the Enescu Competition shall be done only based on the MEDIA ACCREDITATION issued by the organiser and only in the specially designated places for photographing and video recording, so as not to disturb the artists’ activity: in the back of the concert halls, for maximum 3 minutes at the beginning and at the end of the concerts. Producers, camera operators, media partners and other partners must also comply with this rule.
  2. In exceptional situations, aside from the official photos on the social media accounts of producers, media and other partners, USING PHOTOGRAPHS from concerts shall be done only with the organiser’s prior consent. The organiser shall make available a wide selection of official images during the concerts, made by the official photographers, containing a special band for the event and crediting the photographers. Altering these elements upon public use of photographs by producers, media and other partners infringes on copyright laws and on the right to the protection of one’s image agreed with the artists, and is therefore not allowed. The selection of photographs is available in real time or within a few hours after each event, and it is available to the public on the website www.festivalenescu.ro, under a specially created section.
  3. The logo of the “George Enescu” Festival and Competition will be publicly used only in accordance with the rules of the brand book, without being altered or modified in any way. The brand book of the Enescu Competition is available at this link: https://bit.ly/2whPFWa.
  4. Organisers reserve their right to cancel accreditations for failure to comply with the rules in concert halls, as well as to introduce new rules in extraordinary situations.
  5. ACCESS TO EVENTS – Access to the concert halls shall be granted to the media representatives only based on accreditations and/or invitations. Given the limited number of seats, organisers reserve the right to establish the following rule for some concerts: a single reporter + a camera operator, as well as the number of accredited photographers who may have access to the concert halls. The media accreditations allow journalists’ access to the concert hall, but they do not have allocated seats.


Translation provided by Biroul de Traduceri Champollion