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The 2019 edition of George Enescu International Festival takes place between 31 August and 22 September 2019, at the Palace Hall, the Romanian Athenaeum, the Radio Hall and the Small Palace Hall in Bucharest. A few related concerts will be organized at Metropolis Theatre, the National Theatre and the Bucharest Municipality Museum.

The Festival has a total number of 84 concerts for 23 days, in four sections: Great Orchestras of the World, Recitals and Chamber Music, By Midnight Concerts and Music of the 21st Century. The full program of the Festival is available here.


For the 2019 edition of the Festival, the journalists’ accreditation procedure will be online.

Accreditation will be granted upon filling in an online form on the Festival website,, with the following steps:

  1. Visit the registration link (click here), protected with the password “acreditare”.
  2. Fill in the fields with the required information. Read the Terms and Conditions and check the box.
  3. After filling in the information, each journalist will receive a message confirming the registration of the information.
  1. Requests are checked and validated every three days.
  2. Upon completing the accreditation process, based on a verification procedure, each journalist will receive the accreditation confirmation by e-mail, accompanied by the accreditation in PDF format, if they have chosen electronic accreditation.
  3. The accreditation is issued by operator EVENTIM as a ticket/PDF file with a unique barcode, to be delivered to the journalist’s e-mail account at the address provided on the website
  4. For those who choose the hard copy/card, it will be issued by the end of the accreditation period and sent by courier at the address of the office that has requested accreditation.

The final deadline for online registration of the accreditation data is 30 June 2019.

For media entities, the maximum limit of accreditations per office is two, while for specialised journalists and bloggers, the limit is one accreditation.

The accreditations are not nominal, so they can be used by several people in the office. However, the unique registration code of the accreditation will not allow registration above the allocated number per publication/journalist, nor transfer of the accreditation to third parties outside the office.

The accreditations allow journalists’ access to the concert hall, but they do not have allocated seats.

A few seats are reserved for the media in the concert halls at the Romanian Athenaeum, Radio Hall and the Palace Hall, and they can be taken on a first-come, first-served basis:

  • At the Romanian Athenaeum – Boxes 50 and 52;
  • At the Romanian Athenaeum for By Midnight Concerts’ Series – Boxes 46-48;
  • At the Radio Hall – sector F, seats 552-558;
  • At the Palace Hall – sector G, row 20, seats 1-14 and row 21, seats 9-14.

The database is permanently under construction. Thus, if you receive the message that they are not registered in the existing database on the website system, please send an e-mail with your identification data, as well as the publication for which or with which you work, to the addresses:
[email protected] and [email protected] to be introduced in the system and to be able to later follow the steps in the abovementioned procedure.



  1. ACCESS TO INFORMATION – Throughout the Festival, related events, street shows, listening sessions, exhibitions, CD releases, forums, etc. will take place. Journalists are invited to inform themselves regarding all the events, from press releases and the website, as well as the EnescuExperience app, which can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple Store.
  2. ACCESS TO EVENTS – Access to the concert hall shall be granted only based on accreditations. Given the limited number of seats, organisers reserve the right to establish the following rule for some concerts: a single reporter + a camera operator. Accreditationsgrant access, but donot ensure seats.
  3. ACCESS TO VIDEO IMAGES – The Festival producers and broadcasting partners have the exclusive right to record the recitals and concerts of the events. The other television companies have the right to take photos or to record for maximum 3 minutes at the beginning or at the end of recitals and concerts of the 2019 Enescu Competition.
  1. So as not to disturb the artistic act, recording shall be done from the back of the concert hall, only based on the media accreditation given by the organisers or, in case of specific artistic situations, only with the organisers’ consent. Access is free to all the other events organised within the Festival (conferences, releases, opening nights, cultural activities, etc.). The recitals and concerts shall be streamed live on the website
  1. ACCESS TO PHOTOGRAPHS – Photographers are welcome to all the events of 2019 Enescu Festival. Photographs shall be taken for maximum 3 minutes, at the beginning and at the end of each recital and concert. So as not to disturb the artistic act, photographs shall be taken from the back of the concert hall, only based on the media accreditation given by the organisers or, in case of specific artistic situations, only with the organisers’ consent.

The official photographers of the 2019 Enescu Festival will make available for the media a series of real-time images from the events during the Festival on a specially created server on the website In addition, at the request of the media, organisers can also provide images from the archives of the artists or the Festival, free of charge.

Access is free to all the other events organised at the Festival (conferences, releases, cultural activities, etc.).

Publications are required to comply with crediting rules when using photographs taken by the official photographers of the EnescuFestival.

  1. CANCELLING ACCREDITATIONS – Organisers reserve their right to cancel accreditations for failure to comply with the rules in concert halls, as well as to introduce new rules in extraordinary situations. George Enescu Competition is world renowned, as a member of the World Federation of International Competitions, and it must follow organisation rules that allow compliance with the standards of important institutions in the industry.
  1. REQUESTS FOR INTERVIEWS – Journalists are required to request interviews in due time, at the e‑mail addresses:[email protected] and [email protected]

Requests shall be sent to the artists, who will decide according to their own agenda whether they grant them or not. Taking into account the short period of time that many of the artists will spend in Romania for the George Enescu International Festival, some requests for interviews may not be honoured.