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musica nova

“Musica Nova” Ensemble

As a result of the group’s brilliant technical flair and intense and profound musical sensitivity, MUSICA NOVA concerts are always highly-appreciated artistic events and have received the acclaim both of the general concertgoer and specialist music critics.

The MUSICA NOVA chamber music ensemble has been engaged in an intense and varied artistic programme both at a national and international level since 1965, when it was created by the Romanian pianist and composer Hilda Jerea.

The group is made up of musicians of recognised prestige and all of them are soloists in the excellent “George Enescu” Philharmonic Orchestra of Bucharest. Today, these musicians, orchestra and music conservatory teachers, renowned in cities such as Paris, Copenhagen, Haga, Salzburg, etc., are passionate in their commitment to the artistic development of the ensemble.

Depending on the structure of the chosen piece of music, the group can alter its composition flexibly and adjust to any work within the musical capabilities of their instruments. On occasions, the group is joined in their concerts by a number of other instrumentalists.

Although the group shows a preference for modern and contemporary music, its repertoire also spans a wide variety of classical works, which the group performs with a deep respect and feeling for the genuine values of music of all epochs. However, its members are always eager to offer the first performances of works by talented composers with a commitment to maintaining the highest levels of quality in their recitals. The only criteria they apply when selecting pieces is the artistic quality of the music. In this way, their repertoire includes a number of works specially composed for MUSICA NOVA.

In recognition of the dedication of MUSICA NOVA in the promotion of contemporary composers from all over the world, in 1980, the prestigious Gaudeamus Foundation of Amsterdam created an international competition dedicated specially to this group.

The prize-winning pieces were performed at the Gaudeamus Foundation Music Week.

The director of the aforementioned Foundation, Henk Heuvelmans, in a letter written on August 12 2003, stated literally:
“The ensemble Musica Nova played under the leadership of Florián Popa compositions which had been selected for the chamber music category of the Gaudeamus Music Week. As a soloist Florián Popa gave six concerts and as a member of the ensemble Musica Nova he played in four concerts, organised by Gaudeamus.”

To date, MUSICA NOVA has completed a number of successful tours in : Austria,  Holland, Portugal, Bulgary, Hungaria, Soviet Union, Canada, Italy, Sweden.

The MUSICA NOVA Chamber Group has made thousands of recordings in R.T.V. of cities such as : Amsterdam, Gratz, Tübingen, Baden-Baden, Heidelberg, Warsaw, Belgrade, Hilversum, Berlin, Bucharest, Linz.

Additional proof of the popularity of MUSICA NOVA, is the fact that the group has been invited to take part in a large number of music festivals both nationally and internationally. Some of the more important of these are listed below : Bucharest, Rotterdam, Provence, Warsaw, Darmstadt, La Rochelle, Graz, Zagreb, Linz.

The MUSICA NOVA Chamber Group specialises in the performance of the work “Quatuor pour la fin de temps” by Olivier Messiaen.

Rights to the brand-name “The MUSICA NOVA Chamber Group”, belong to its leader Florián Popa.