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“George Enescu” International Competition launches the series of video dialogues “What do we hear when we listen to music?”: Paul Ilea and Marius Manole on classical music and the interpreter’s art

Those who wish to become more familiar with classical music have the chance to make quick progress by watching the video series “What do we hear when we listen to music?”. It is being launched today, in preparation of the meeting with the 270 musicians enrolled in 2018 “George Enescu” International Competition. Musician Paul Ilea and actor Marius Manole explore, in 18 short films, basic topics for the education of a well-informed music listener. The project aims to provide a few useful tools to those who wish to develop their “critical listening” of classical music, their ear and their artistic sense.

In a relaxed approach, the 18 episodes deal with various topics: from music periods and iconic composers to composition structures in classical music and differences between them, the structure of a symphonic orchestra and the role of its various parts, the score and the conductor’s role, the musical theme and its development, elements of technique and stylistics of interpreters, listening to music and the concert hall, expressivity, stage presence and more.

The series also includes a few interview with Romanian artists, winners of the “George Enescu” International Competition, who reveal their personal approach of music interpretation and artistic expression. Violinists Alexandru Tomescu and Remus Azoiței, pianist Viniciu Moroianu are the artist who were kind enough to share some of their first-hand experience as contestants and members of the jury of the “George Enescu” International Competition. They are joined by sound architect Cosmin Gherghinoiu, with a dialogue on acoustics.

“Just as critical thinking is an essential tool for the ability to make coherent arguments, ‘critical listening’ trains understanding, proposes a richer, more meaningful music experience. ‘What do we hear when we listen to music?’ aims to develop this ‘critical listening’, highlights the interpreter’s art and provides a few basic categories for a music lover’s culture. We thus wish to encourage the audience to come to the competition hall and to watch the young artists in the competition in a more informed manner”, says Mihai Constantinescu, director of “George Enescu” International Festival and Competition.

The series of 18 videos corresponds to the number of hours of Music lessons in the annual high school curriculum and it can be used individually or in the classroom, in high school or even in secondary school. Each video can be a starting point for discussions, for a more profound approach of basic topics of musical education. For easy access, the videos will be available in the “Culturesc 100” app, part of the Samsung cultural platform dedicated to the Great Union Centenary, and on the YouTube channel of “George Enescu” Festival and Competition.

“Unfortunately, music culture loses ground to other disciplines today. I hope our dialogues can arouse the curiosity of the audience, provide a few basic concepts to help them enjoy music in the most diverse ways. Last but not least, I hope they arouse their curiosity to go to the hall where ‘George Enescu’ International Competition takes place, and to actively listen to classical music”, says Paul Ilea, who organised the music information in the project.

“The invitation to be part of this project answered my own curiosity, on the one hand, and on the other hand, my belief that a solid cultural background is still necessary if we wish to better understand the world we live in. By working on this project and constantly drawing parallels between the musician’s and the actor’s interpretation, I have connected several types of artistic expression and I hope I also proved this idea in an attractive manner for the young audience”, says actor Marius Manole about his role of host of the entire series of educational videos.

The video project was developed after a series of live meetings with over 500 students from four high schools in Bucharest. “What do we hear when we listen to music?” in the Caravan format allowed us to test the manner of approaching the topics and the level of interest of the young audience in the proposed subjects.

A mobile app dedicated to the “George Enescu” International Competition is currently being developed, which will allow the audience to test their “critical listening”, by comparing their own evaluation of the contestants with that of the Competition jury.

The pilot Caravan was financially supported by Raiffeisen Bank and Wilo Foundation, and Samsung Romania joined the project for the video dialogue production. 

About “George Enescu” International Competition

The 16th edition of the “George Enescu” International Competition takes place between 1 and 23 September 2018 in Bucharest. It is the largest international classical music competition in Romania and attracts young musicians and composers from all over the world who wish to prove their talent in the four sections of the competition: piano, violin, cello and composition. The performance and the compositions of the contestants are assessed by an international jury including important figures of international classical music, such as: Philippe Entremont, Pierre Amoyal, Salvatore Accardo, Jean Jacques Kantorow, Viktor Tretiakov, Peter Jablonski, David Geringas, Zygmunt Krauze, Arto Noras, Myung-Whun Chung, Raphael Wallfisch, Jian Wang, Marin Cazacu, Remus Azoiței, Dan Dediu, Silvia Marcovici and more.

All rounds of 2018 Enescu Competition – Round I, Round II and Round III, the Semi-Final – of the three competition sections (Cello, Violin and Piano) – are open to the public, as well as the Final Galas with Orchestra (Cello Final – 11 September 2018, Violin Final – 17 September 2018 and Piano Final – 23 September 2018) and they will take place at the Romanian Athenaeum.

The 2018 edition of the “George Enescu” International Competition has a record number of young artists. 400 young musicians have enrolled, coming from 46 countries on five continents, a 26% increase compared to the previous edition; this year, the Competition also has the largest Romanian participation in its history.

The credo ruling the 2018 edition of the “George Enescu” International Competition is “Discover talent. Praise effort. Capture emotion”.

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