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Submit your project to Creative Bucharest and you can see it exhibited during Enescu Festival 2017

Creative Bucharest will take place during the George Enescu International Festival 2017 (September 2-24) and will transform the Capital through creation (works of contemporary art, interactive projects in the public space, exhibitions or workshops), and the call is open to public institutions, companies and NGOs, as well as artists and natural persons.

Enescu Festival 2017 invites artists, private organisations and public institutions to put Bucharest in a new light to reach its heart, the place where magic and creation endlessly blend, with a new series of projects to be presented in “Creative Bucharest” during George Enescu Festival 2017.

Projects can be submitted as of today, March 22, 2017, until June 15, 2017, provided that they comply with the artistic theme and conditions below:

The artistic theme of Creative Bucharest 2017

The projects should be inspired or related to the musical theme of this year’s edition of Creative Bucharest, Sonata No.2 for Cello and Piano in C major, Op.26 by George Enescu, or the theme of Enescu Festival 2017, an edition that aims to put the music and creation of George Enescu, as well as classical music, in a new light. As a part of this endeavour, the Festival will put technology to the service of classical music and creativity, presenting renowned works in a new approach; it will bring contemporary music to the forefront, inviting to Bucharest some of the best-known composers today; it will give the audience the chance to enjoy a record number of works by George Enescu (37) – two of them being presented at the Festival for the very first time in history – and it will tune mathematics to the sound of music, in a new exhibition.

The selected artistic projects will be those designed in such a way as to help their audience and their visitors to discover or create the light in the heart of the city. What does “light” mean for Enescu 2017? The Festival offers the guiding lines below, but awaits creative and bold proposals, in order to transform the capital once more, inspired by Enescu:

  • Where there is magic, there is light: every time we bring a new light in our life, we discover an unexplored dimension, a new point of view. This means we become richer, we create, we learn, we feel. Enescu Festival 2017 surprises us, but at the same time it preserves its solid structure and approach that have established its reputation. We will see the things we knew in a new light.
  • Renewal. Discovery. These are the words at the beginning of a new experience. Light is the antidote for shadows and darkness. In a world made darker with fear and aggression, Enescu Festival is a source of light in our lives. Because, as George Enescu said, it speaks the language of hearts: “Music stems from hart and reaches hearts.”

BeFunky Collage (3)

Projects exhibited during Creative Bucharest 2015


Who can apply for Creative Bucharest 2017

We encourage integrative approaches that highlight the power of creation, music or the experience of Enescu and complete it with the value of undiscovered or rediscovered aspects of Bucharest as an urban space, while bringing a new light to the city and the community.

Public institutions, companies, NGOs, artists and natural persons can apply.

The projects of Creative Bucharest will be classified under:

1)    Festival Garden: includes the green areas in front of the Romanian Athenaeum and the Palace Hall.

2)    Festival City: locations in the public space (Roma Square, St. Anton Square, Colțea Square, Băneasa Shopping City, Radio Hall) and other possible spaces proposed by the applicants and partners.

3)   My Festival: companies/ associations/ organisations/ product and service providers can take part in Creative Bucharest by making special products and offers inspired by the Festival.

What type of project can be submitted?

From contemporary art approaches to installations designed for the public space, works including sound and image, integrating light, architectural perspectives or approaches that encourage the rediscovering of the city in a creative manner. Moreover, approaches that include arts such as photography and fine arts, as well as special workshops.

The proposals will be accompanied by a motivation of the connection between the project theme and the approach proposed by Creative Bucharest 2017, as well as the connection with the magic of creation, of the Festival and Enescu’s music. How does the project reveal the light in the heart of Bucharest?


A list of the projects selected at the previous edition of Creative Bucharest can be examined here. The theme of the 2015 edition was: The challenge of a genius: Discover Enescu.


1. All projects participating in the selection will be funded from the own sources of each applicant or from sponsorships attracted by the participants to implement the projects. The sponsors of the projects selected for this year’s edition of Creative Bucharest will receive exposure and visibility from the organisers of the Festival, as follows:

> On the page of Creative Bucharest on the Festival website;

> In the articles published on the Festival website in the Creative Bucharest section;

> Sponsors of each project selected to participate in Creative Bucharest can be mentioned at the end of the presentation video that will be made by each applicant, provided that the applicants choose to make such videos. They will be published on the Facebook page of the Festival and included in their presentation articles on the Festival website, in the Creative Bucharest section;

> At the place where each project will be implemented, the authors can add a visual that includes its description and the sponsors;

> On the Creative Bucharest leaflets printed by Enescu Festival;

> On the materials that will be printed for each project from the budget – if the applicants make and print such materials (e.g.: posters, leaflets and other materials related to the project itself and that will be handed out on site);

> In the communication that each applicant will make for his or her project on the available channels.

Note: If the project is not funded from own resources of the organiser and it requires sponsorship, the organiser of such project will have preliminary discussions with the envisaged sponsors, obtaining an informal agreement to sponsor the project if it is selected for inclusion in Creative Bucharest – 2017 edition.

  1. Applicants will suggest the desired location for the project in the application form, choosing from the existing ones (the green areas in front of the Romanian Athenaeum and the Palace Hall, Roma Square, St. Anton Square, Colțea Square, Băneasa Shopping City, Radio Hall), or proposing a new location, if they obtain an authorisation/approval for such location. The final placement decision will be made by the organisers. The organisers will aim to make proper associations of messages and objects placed in the public space, irrespective of commercial criteria.
  2. It is excluded and forbidden to use and change the brand of the Enescu Festival. The objects that will be part of the setting of the selected projects will be labelled in such a way as to mark their participation in Creative Bucharest and their association with the Enescu Festival, according to the visual identity rules of the latter.
  3. It is excluded and forbidden to promote the brand of the organiser or sponsor of the project through the object that make up the setting of the project. The objects/visuals are a gift to the community. The organiser and the sponsors of the project will be identified on a separate panel, in association with Creative Bucharest and Enescu Festival, which will also include a brief description of the project.
  4. It is excluded and forbidden to promote a product or service on the setting/visuals in Creative Bucharest.
  5. The organisers are allowed to develop promotion strategies for their projects. The Festival will support the promotion of the selected projects through its own channels, including in a separate website section and online/offline interaction. The definition of the Festival and Creative Bucharest in the communication made by the applicants will be in line with the one promoted by the organisers of the Festival.


22. 03. 17 open call for Creative Bucharest

15.06.17               deadline for project submission, following the open call

1.07.17                 announcing the projects selected to participate in Creative Bucharest 2017

26.08-1.09            installing the projects

2-24.09                  the implementation of the projects/events

25-26.09               dismantling the projects

How to apply

Those who wish to submit projects for selection in this year’s Creative Bucharest will fill in and send the online application form on the Festival website by 15.06.2017, aiming to fully comply with the Rules above when describing the project. After the Application form for Creative Bucharest is sent online, the management of the program will send an e-mail to the project organiser, acknowledging its receipt. If the acknowledgment is not received within 72 hours, please notify this by e-mail at: [email protected]

After the selection

The selected projects will be communicated directly to their organisers on 1.07.2017, and they will later be announced on the Festival website in the Creative Bucharest section, in a special article on the subject. Afterwards, the organisers of the selected projects will prepare and submit to the Creative Bucharest team the plan of the activities for the implementation of the project for the period 26.08-1.09, and they will submit regular reports, on dates that will be announced to each organiser, regarding the stage of the preparations. Moreover, for the selected projects, the organiser of each project is invited to make a video of up to 3 minutes where they will present the project to its target audience. These videos can also be filmed using a mobile phone. They will be sent on the social media channels of the Festival, and the organiser of the project can also promote it through its own communication media.

The project on site

The organiser of each project selected for this year’s edition of Creative Bucharest is in charge of the installation/dismantling of all elements of the project in the outdoor or indoor spaces and of their maintenance in optimum conditions throughout the Festival.In addition, the team appointed by the organiser for the proper execution of the project throughout the Festival will be in charge of carrying out all activities and events of the project according to the plan and it will also be in charge of the safety of the audience of such activities/events.