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Four memorial houses of the maestro George Enescu can be visited in the “Enescu 360” digital tour

The memorial houses of the maestro George Enescu in Liveni, Dorohoi, Sinaia and Bucharest can be visited at the “George Enescu” National Museum, at the “Enescu 360” permanent digital exhibition, using the Samsung Gear VR Gateway app, available in Oculus Store.

A permanent exhibition at the “George Enescu” National Museum, the “Enescu 360” digital exhibition is aimed at those who love music, art, technology and more. Visitors and users willing to discover Romanian values through new visiting and learning experiences can explore the world of George Enescu and his cultural heritage using Gear VR devices.

Thus, using state-of-the-art technology, anyone can enter the maestro’s houses: “George Enescu” Memorial House in Liveni, “George Enescu” Memorial Museum in Dorohoi, “George Enescu” National Museum in Sinaia, as well as the “George Enescu” National Museum in Bucharest, with the Cantacuzino Palace and the Memorial House inside the Palace. Users can have access to museums from the inside, they can visit the lobbies and the rooms, and they can interact with the objects and exhibits from the composer’s personal collections.

The Gear VR exhibition allows access to a few rare documents, including George Enescu’s Will.

The objects about which visitors can learn new details include the composer’s violins, one of them being manufactured by a Romanian lute maker, because Enescu wanted and promoted Romanian values; his piano or the suitcase he carried to every concert; his personal collections; the drawings he made as a child, those in the house in Liveni. The tour can last as long as each visitor wants, as there is no determined time. It is a walk that each of the visitors can control using eye movements. The journey through a museum starts from the outside and it continues inside the house, in each room, where the visitor can interact with the objects.


Translation provided by Biroul de Traduceri Champollion