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Into My GongSelf – performative installation

Date: 20 September 2017, 18.00-20.00

Location: Lecture Hall of the Cantacuzino Palace 


Into My GongSelf is an interactive project, at the border between live music, sound sculpture, performance, ritual and meditation, a challenge for the artists and the audience to experiment archetypal transrealism. The new aesthetic and spiritual direction founded by the composer Mihaela Vosganian aims, on the one hand, a reiteration of the primeval functions of art – ritualistic, cathartic, ecstatic and healing, and on the other hand, to express a new form of the transreal, a transpersonal reality resulting from the expansion of the consciousness, through spiritual techniques, including lucid dreaming.

The spiritual journey is approximately 25 minutes long (it will become active at fixed hours between 18.00 and 20.00), and it is facilitated by the audio-visual installation designed by the artist Raluca Ghideanu. It consists of sculptures integrated with real ritualistic instruments, like gongs, bowls (quartz and crystal), and other traditional instruments. Whether they are cut from metal or drawn on wood, these sculptures depict halves/pieces of female characters looking for their whole. These characters speak of life, of finding and redefining ourselves, of the prisons we are in. They are perpetually looking for their selves and for their better halves.

The sculptures turn into sound sources through their vibrations and reverberations, they become true transpersonal guides, giving us the chance to activate our inner master and to align it with our Self.

The visual and acoustic elements are joined by the initiatic dance of Liliana Iorgulescu, which aims to put all of these together and to make them whole. All of these pieces/personalities/identities of the characters will come together in the end, through sound and motion, so as to quench the thirst of the primeval unity.

This performative sound installation is a call for anyone to enter their Self and to discern their true being, which lies or acts behind “masks” and “power costumes”. It is also more than just an artistic proposal; it is designed to create a visual and sonorous space that allows us to enter a deep state of relaxation (which stimulates inner peace and harmony) or to bring to the surface various facets of our own “shadows”, or even to facilitate inner visions, by activating altered states of consciousness.

Artistic concept: Mihaela Vosganian & Raluca Ghideanu

Choreography: Liliana Iorgulescu

Performers: Mihaela Vosganian/Raluca Ghideanu/

Liliana Iorgulescu


Translation provided by Biroul de Traduceri Champollion