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Opera 9 – a contemporary interpretation of the myth of Oedipus

“George Enescu” National Museum



Free admission


Do you love chamber music, opera voices and today’s dramaturgy? “George Enescu” National Museum schedules the OPERA 9 concert within Creative Bucharest – Contemporary variations on a theme by George Enescu. Find out what the tragedy of Oedipus would sound and look like in the 21st century, in the vision of the composers Adina Sibianu, Gabriel Mălăncioiu, Sebastian Dumitrescu, Cristian Bence-Muk, Megumi Okuda, Diana Iulia Simon, Alexandru Sima, Diana Rotaru and Sabina Ulubeanu, on a libretto by Rucsandra Pop. A lullaby, a psychotherapy session, a technological plague, Siri the Robot Oracle or the blind man who sees the Truth are just some of the captivating moments of the new opera that you can only listen to on 12 September, at 18 hours in the Lecture Hall of the Cantacuzino Palace. The performers are the mezzosoprano Antonela Bârnat, the bass Iustinian Zetea and the SonoMania ensemble, under the baton of Simona Strungaru.

OPERA 9 is a special event organised by the “George Enescu” National Museum and coordinated by the composer Adina Sibianu. The opera of the 9 composers is part of the N-ESCU Project, which started in 2015 to encourage contemporary music creation, while bringing the audience closer to the creators and trends of our time. Organised every year, the N-ESCU Project proposes young composers to write contemporary variations on themes by Enescu or motifs extracted from the creation of the great composer.

The opera Œdipe was George Enescu’s dear work, to which he dedicated almost 10 years of his life. 80 years after the world premiere of this opera, 9 composers of the young generation pay tribute to this masterpiece by creating 9 contemporary variations on musical motifs extracted from the creation of the great composer: “The Music Signature” of Enescu (En[E] – ES[E-flat] – CU[C]) is one of the melodic motifs used by the 9 composers, who integrated it in their new works.

Translation provided by Biroul de Traduceri Champollion