Q: When is the deadline of application submission due to?
A: The new application deadline is on May 1, 2022.

Q: Where can I apply for the Competition?
A: On the festival’s website homepage, in the main menu, you can find the Apply button, which has a drop menu where you can choose the section you want to apply for.

Q: Should the video be recorded in a studio or is it possible to submit an unprofessional recording?
A: An unprofessional video recording may be submitted, as long as it respects the specifications written in Rules.

Q: How should I submit my recording?
A: each chosen work of the program for the online round can be recorded separately but you must submit one single video file. You are allowed to merge separate recordings together but each piece must be recorded in one take.

Q: When a performance is video recorded, is it OK to turn off the camera during the breaks between movements?
A: It is not allowed to turn off the camera, as there should be no record interruption during the performance of one piece of music, or between the movements of a piece such as a sonata.

Q: May I submit a video recording where I perform different pieces of music in different places?
A:  No, you may not. All works must be recorded in the same location.

Q: Is it possible to send a video recording of my performance with orchestra?
A: No, it is only accepted a piano accompaniment.

Q: When paying the application fee, my bank requires payment of the commission.
A: The application fee does not include the bank transfer fee. The bank transfer fee should be paid by the applicant in addition to the amount of 50 euros (for the cello, violin and piano sections) and 25 euros per work for the composition section.

Q: How to pay via PayPal?
A: This is the direct link to pay the registration fee on PayPal – paypal.me/enescucompetition. You can also use our email to find the account – competition@festivalenescu.ro.

Q: If I do not advance to the Semifinals, will you return me the application fee?
A: The application fee is nonrefundable in case of elimination from the First Round, withdrawal or non-participation.

Q: Is it possible to submit several works for the composition section?
A: Yes, you can submit as many works as you wish, but you have to pay the application fee (25 euros) for each work submitted.

Q: For the Composition section, can I submit handwritten scores?
A: No, scores should be sent in digital format. Also keep in mind that scores must be anonymous.

Q: If I am the first-prize winner of a competition, member of the World Federation of International Competitions, should I also submit a video recording?
Answer: Yes, you should submit all the necessary documents and materials.