The Semifinal – Piano Section – of the Enescu Competition 2018 is starting tomorrow, the 21st of September

Three young musicians from Russia, two from Romania and one each from China, Japan, Latvia and Kazakhstan  follow their dreams of becoming great musicians in the Enescu Competition 2018. They perform recitals on the stage of the Romanian Athenaeum in the Second Round of the Enescu Competition – the Piano Section, starting  at 09:00 in the morning and continuing in the afternoon from 17:00.

Except for Round I, all rounds of the Competition are being broadcasted live on, as well as internationally, on the Violin Channel website.

The young musicians will evolve as follows:

09:00 Anna Grot

09:50 Daumants Liepins

10:40 Break

11:00 Xuanyi Mao

11:50 Oxana Shevchenko

12:40 Lunch Break

17:00 Iulia Marin

17:50 Florian Mitrea

18:40 Daria Parkhomenko

19:30 Break

19:50 Ryutaro Suzuki

20:40 Alexander Panfilov

21:30 End

At the end of the Semifinal, the  jury will select the young pianists who will enter the Final of the Enescu Competition 2018.